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We're finally up-to-date

Phew. For the longest time now I've been running a heavily outdated version of Ghost. To be specific I think it was 2-3 years old. An update has been long overdue, and I finally bothered to do one.

The delay has partially been because Ghost was horrible to update in the past. And otherwise because I simply have the bad habit that is forgetting about the existence of my blog.

While I was already arguing with getting Ghost upgraded, I decided to take it one step further and change the OS as well. Previously this blog was running on FreeBSD. FreeBSD is pretty nice, but overall I do still find myself preferring Linux over BSD operating systems.

And the blog now runs on surprise, surprise, Void Linux.

Not sure what else you'd expect considering how infatuated I've been with Void Linux recently. The original plan was Devuan, but it didn't have a recent enough Node version, even Devuan testing only had Node v4. With v6 being Ghost's recommended LTS and v8 being the most recent LTS (And v9 the most recent overall)

In short the Devuan/Debian philosophy of everything being incredibly outdated backfired a little for this particular use-case. I tried using the Debian repos for Node on Devuan, but that didn't really work out either.

So I guess this will be my first time giving Void Linux a proper test ride as a server distribution. Hopefully I can manage to run a blog without burning down the entire world in the process.

I'm hoping to use the blog a little bit more. But you know me, I say I'll remember something, then I suddenly end up forgetting that it exists for a couple months.

P.S I also added a Meta tag for stuff about the blog itself. Probably won't be too much content under that tag though.