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Reviving QuadFile

QuadFile is back, people complained too much about it being gone - It has a twist though

My wallet

Running QuadFile was expensive. Way too expensive. And quite frankly, I just didn't want to deal with that anymore, so this time around QuadFile is a temporary storage service.

Making this decision was pretty easy. Parsing some web logs with a Python script showed that around 93% of the files were never again accessed more than 7 days after being uploaded. I can even cut this down to one day and we're still over 50% - I might just be an ass, but I don't wanna pay out of my own wallet to store content that's never used.

The new QuadFile

So I rewrote QuadFile from scratch to act as a temporary storage service. It's now based on Flask and it will delete files that haven't been accessed for a set amount of time - In my case, one week. In addition I decided to be nice to myself, and made it as low-maintenance as possible. It will automatically track files that are old, a git pull can update it, etc.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome, and judging by Twitter responses, so are you. You can check out the new site Here

Future plans

My plans are simply to keep this thing running, which will be a lot easier on the storage end this time around. I might end up moving the project over to GitHub and open sourcing it, but at the moment it's on my personal git. It has a couple quirks to work out, design to improve and some other small bugs to crush.

I can't guarantee that it'll be open source, but I hope I can make it available to the community, because that's what I do with most of my projects, whenever I can - or rather, whenever the code is of good enough quality to release into the public