Python math "benchmark"

I make a lot of things when I'm bored.

Today I made a benchmark in Python.

Well, I call it a benchmark, but really it just runs a lot of multiplication tasks and time them. But it works, kinda.

You can check out the benchmark here. It's sorta fun to play around with if you ask me. It works for basic comparison and it does seem like the scores are sorta comparable when thinking of single-threaded tasks. But this is by no means a professionally developed benchmark, such as geekbench.

The inspiration to make this came from a little Python script I made to annoy a friend. This friend had a really crappy laptop. And doing anything intensive would lead to it overheating and the fan sounding like it's going to take off into space.

This was back in high school though. But I found the code on my ownCloud server. So I said why the heck not. I made the loops finite and added timers. Boom, benchmark in 15 minutes.

Feel free to fork it off and extend it. I tried to make a multi-process section for measuring of multi-threaded performance. But I'm not good at using subprocesses with Python it seems. It was more trouble than it was worth for something like this. Threads don't work that well for a real-life test since the Python interpreter limits them to avoid letting them drain your entire CPU.