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Music tastes

Everyone likes different forms of music. Everything from pop to classic.

But darn, my music taste is kinda off no matter how you slice it.

Post image is Savant's album art for Protos. Credit goes to Savant and whoever drew the thing

Once again, I got told that my music tastes are weird. Which has gradually been turning into a regular thing. Some person would listen to his favorite pop artist or rock band, then proceed to randomly ask me what I'm listening too. After letting them have a quick listen it's always "That's weird"

I'm weird in a couple of ways. Not only do I stick to some weird genres, I also treat all artists as if they're one-shot. I don't have a favorite artist, I've never had either. I don't say that I like an artist, I say that I like a song.

I'm into music that sounds kinda old, yet is modern. I also like weird vocal usage where the voice is used more as an instrument rather than well, vocals. Now you see me by Skogsrå, Spaceship by Savant and Helix by Justice are prime examples of this. If I'm not listening to music like this, it's most likely some opening from an anime.

It's a weird place to sit in the music world, it's not old music. Yet it's not exactly something you'd call dubstep either. You could call it EDM (Electronic Dance Music), but quite frankly most of the tracks aren't something I can imagine a person dancing to. Though Justice's songs truly are worthy of dance.

When people ask me I've usually just resorted to calling it "Electronic Music" - I've always been into a good dubstep track, but I don't feel like my favorite tracks fit in that category. I've also never met anyone with similar music tastes to me. I've met people who have a couple of overlapping tracks, but never someone who is into the same stuff as me.