Moving time

I'm moving. Finally. To an apartment that's not as small as a fucking shack. Until now I've slowly been rotting away alone in a 22m² apartment. Soon I'll slowly be rotting away in a 60m² apartment instead.

For reference, this is the small piece of junk I've been living in until now:

Old apartment

Yes, it's that small and that cramped. Now even though I haven't gotten actual drawings of the new 60m² place. I've been there, and thus I sketched up this approximation (The red lines are doors):

Now that's what I call an upgrade. By some miracle, I managed to come across this at a price of about 440€ a month, including everything but electricity. It was a steal. The main room alone is about as large as my entire old apartment, maybe even a bit larger. It's also newly renovated (Actually, as of me writing this, they're still not finished painting it)

While that might be all fine and dandy, what I'm most excited about is actually the storage room. You see my current place is an absolute mess. At the moment I have 4 laptops and a desktop, along with a PS3, TV and some spare parts like GPUs at my apartment. In that little apartment you ask? Yes, I'll let you imagine the rest. It's flooding. I've filled absolutely everything. I even store my headsets on clothes hangers inside the closet with my shirts. It's ridiculous.

The old place was crammed the moment I moved in, I could barely fit my stuff when I used all the closets available. Now that I've lived in there for a year. I've inevitably brought more stuff. I've got a second monitor, more headsets, and my Macbook wasn't a part of my mess when I moved in. I'm just flat out of physical space. And good lord, don't get me started on all the crap that's stored on my table.

Finally I'll be able to actually fit all the stuff I own inside my apartment, and have a place to store the other stuff. Since this is a blog, I guess I'm also supposed to write about my thoughts and whatnot. So I've been thinking about how to fill the place up. So far my plan looks something like this:

Now obviously this just a draft for the future. I don't even own a TV yet. I do have the couch though, since apparently the previous person who rented this place just left the couch behind.

Overall I'm just excited that I'll finally be able to actually walk around my apartment instead of having to snake my way through the entire thing.