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Mail providers

All geeks host their own E-mail, you're not cool unless you do. That's just how it is.

Or at least that's what everyone thinks, you really don't need to search a lot to find the truth:

Mail server

Paid hosts

So naturally, the way everyone gets their hey@look-im-super-cool.com E-mail addresses is by using a third party service to host those shits. Which also happens to be the reason I'm writing this, as I just changed hosts. To one that's a lot cheaper, yet currently seems to work a lot better than my old one.

Storage based plans

The main advantage my new host (which I'd really recommend btw, check out MXRoute, they go as low as $15/year) has over my old one for me, is their pricing.

I used to host with Zoho, now their pricing is fine and all, not too expensive. The only problem is that they're business oriented, so pricing is per user. Which is something that kinda sucks for me as an individual. It means that if I buy some paid plan with 10GB of space, then that's the only account with the space. If I make a new one, I'll either have to upgrade that one as well or live off the free plan.

Over at MXRoute, you pay for storage, something that I really prefer over per user pricing. If I buy 20GB of space, I have 20GB to use however I want. They support unlimited domains and accounts, so I can split that across as many addresses under as many domains as I wish, with one simple interface to manage it all.

And thank god for that, I'm a heavy E-mail user, I get a lot of invoices, personal documents and general messages. The thing about Zoho was that I had to constantly clean my inbox to free space. After the switch I don't really have that problem. I use separate addresses for different purposes. Such as my public E-mail contact@quad.moe taking on all of the spam from crawlers, meaning that for the most part, I can simply clean it to free space, no worries as long as I move messages from actual friends to a separate folder.

If you have a domain, get some mails

Anyone with a domain should find a mail host for uses like this if you ask me. If your domain registrar or host provides E-mail hosting then that's fine. They probably provide anywhere between 10 to 100 addresses, which is plenty. Just get some.

Until you're tried it, you have no idea how much easier it is to keep your E-mail under check when you make sure to properly spread it across different addresses. You can fire up spam addresses and temporary contact addresses on a moment's notice.

I'm not saying that you should rush out and buy a domain, but if you have one. Put it to some use. If you send a lot of E-mail and have a lot to keep track of, then it's nothing short of gold. I feel like the time I spend plowing through my full E-mail boxes for crap to delete has been reduced by at least 90%

If you need something free, try Zoho, otherwise I recommend MXRoute. Another popular option is Fastmail, though I personally feel they charge a little bit too much.