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Lolicon status achieved

I hit the age of 18, that means I'm a lolicon for looking at 16-year old anime girls, right?

Also, people have said that my blog posts are too short, so brace yourself for this one. (It's a little bit longer at least)

what is life

Legal life

I might have been earlier than most people. But I've already been paying for my own apartment, internet and food for a while. So really, turning 18 doesn't bring much change at all. I never planned to get a driver's license, so that won't happen. I've already moved out so that won't really happen either. In fact, I feel no different at all. Not that I expected I would.

Even though my life hasn't changed much at all, it's still quite a bit different from what 10 year old me would have imagined. So I thought I'd write up a bit about how things actually turned out vs. how I thought they'd turn out.

The goals

When I was 13 years old and learned Java to make some shitty Minecraft plugins. I was a kiddo and of course I thought I'd be the world's best hacker at some point. Then I stopped just because Java was complete crap (Thanks Java, you made me boycott coding for two whole years just because you suck).

After this point. I really got into Anime. I had watched Naruto and stuff since I was like 10. My favorite anime at that time was probably Code Geass or something. But around when I turned 13, I watched a crapload. And crapload means a lot. I think I watched about 4500 anime episodes that year alone. (A number which I think has currently passed 10 000. My anime-planet says about 5500, but it's extremely outdated)

When I was 15, I decided that I'd take a shot at another programming language that was way too popular, namely PHP. And... it was decent. I mean I was 15, what'd you expect. My code was a clusterfuck and I had no idea what I was doing past echo "I'm a hacker" and ´file_get_content('example.com')´ to build a crawler. A crawler that just RegEx'ed out all URL and snatched them that is. Which led to nothing more than gathering up gigabytes of useless HTML pages and crap.

But, it was fun. A lot of fun. I've made a lot of things. From messy 2-hour projects to large websites that have pumped almost 20TB of bandwidth to Europe alone as of me writing this. Overall it's been quite a ride.

But later, around when I turned 16 to be specific, my main interest changed to what it still is to this day. Servers. I liked messing with servers. It didn't have to be anything specific. I just loved messing with powerful multi-core machines that had multiple gigabytes of ram. Everything from encoding video, web servers, writing code and general maintenance. As long as it was related to servers in general. I didn't really care that much.

Where I stand today

In the end. It all got smashed together. I'm a developer free-time, maintaining multiple projects and a professional sysadmin/helpdesk/maintainer/whatever/help-i-do-literally-everything-it-related at work. Now I'm personally pretty happy that I was able to somehow match together all my interests into something like this, the only drawback would probably be that my schedule is packed to the point where it overflows:


I don't know how long this life-style will continue. But for now, it seems like it'll stay like this, as long as the websites and projects I'm responsible for don't flop that is.

The dream

We all have dreams, no matter how unreasonable. Personally, that dream for me is to work full-time on things that I love, like openings.moe, flask-blog and various other things.

For now this remains nothing but a dream. I really don't want to plaster ads all over my sites, nor do I want to beg for sponsors all around the internet. Even if I were to live off donations, I'd need like $1500 per month via Patreon since Norway is such an expensive country (Maybe even closer $2000 because of all the fees). This is not something I see could happen as things currently are, but for now. I'm happy with the way things are. I only wish I could spend the time that's currently consumed by work, to work on my own things instead.

But we can all dream right?