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I have a desk now

Geez. I never thought this would feel like one of the happiest moments of my life. Buying a desk and a chair.

My apartment

You see, my apartment is really small. But I didn't really care, it had what I needed. A small kitchen, a toilet, etc. There was just one little thing I really missed. A computer desk.

I had a couch and a really low table (prolly like 40cm tall). Until now (Read: Since August 31st 2015) I had been placing my laptop on the table and leaning forwards from the couch, something which in no way could have been good for my back. Not at all

Muh back

The table

I started off by getting a table, an extra tall one at that. Since I'm way longer than I'd ever asked to be born. Eventually, I found a table that was 10cm taller than most others. (A typical work desk is about 70cm tall, this one was 80cm) I set it up and glory befell on me as suddenly, my regular table felt pretty much empty without my laptop on it.

But at last. I can use my laptop without completely breaking my back, life is great. Here, have a quick and dirty picture from right after I set it up:

The chair

I still wasn't sitting perfectly. Earlier my laptop was too low, now it's too high. Well it's better, but it's still not exactly optimal. I need a chair as well.

And hell am I glad I waited a day to buy the chair. I originally wanted to buy a chair that cost (Prices in NOK) 900, but that was a bit too expensive for me. So I had planned to settle for a cheaper model that cost 600.

But behold. The day after I bought the table. The chair that originally cost 900, went on sale for 750. Score.

Of course, it's a glorious mesh chair:

Mesh 4 lyf