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"Go Outside"

What you're about to read isn't a proper blog post by any means. It's more of a ramble, by a nerd stuck in the park with a bottle of water and no WiFi.

People often tell writers to sit outside and write. Now keep in mind that I am nowhere close to a professional writer. However I have a blog and that's more than enough of a god damn reason for me. Also I was quite bored, in addition my neighbor was playing shooters at max volume and it sounded like an actual war was happening next to my apartment.

Sitting outside is recomended for many reasons. Most commonly is probably "To focus". Seems like a viable reason at first. But after trying it myself it turns out it simply doesn't work like that. Even though I'm sitting here in the park writing this at 19:45 on a Sunday, there's kids running around everywhere and screaming about monsters (Thanks Pokèmon Go). Not only that, but there's also a couple of teens playing football in the park behind me. I can't shake the feeling that at some point that football will come flying towards my stupidly overpriced MacBook Pro and ruin the entire thing.

Even though all of the above might ruin it for most people, I must admit that there's simply something about rustling leaves that's vastly superior to sitting inside with your neighbor declaring war on North Korea and your washing machine sounding like a rocket that's about to take off. It's soothing. Also the bottle of mineral water I bought tastes quite nice. Though making me pay 2.5€ for 0.65l of water is quite a rip-off. Next time I'm bringing my own water. This stuff should be illegal. The price to performance ratio is even worse than the MacBook Pro I'm writing on. 2/10 would not recommend buying small bottles of mineral water unless you're Bill Gates.

Many like to work at a cafè instead of something like a park. But sadly I can't afford paying for some expensive coffee place or restaurant. There's no fast food place nearby either. Though after that mineral water rip-off I might as well have gone to a resaurant anyways. The park is fine for now. Though the lack of WiFi pains my milennial heart. Even though I miss Twitter I must admit that it helps my focus. Using Typora to write also helps a lot. Enabling focus mode to highlight only the current paragraph along with typewriter mode to keep content centered makes writing great.

But yes, if you're a writer, take a trip outside with something to drink and a good text editor like Typora. It does indeed help efficiency a lot. But maybe try picking a place without football loving teenagers that can wreck your laptop if your luck is bad. I could also do without the screaming kids.

8/10 would do again, maybe with less kids and better drinks. Also WiFi would be a plus.