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All people make dumb and irrational decisions in life. People know that smoking kills, they still start doing it. Deep down people also know that no matter how many lab-created vitamin pills they shove into themselves it won't make them much healthier.

Where am I going with this?

I have no idea.

btw, I bought a MacBook Pro.

The how and the why

What's this? A Macbook you say? Seems you're all screaming "I thought you were poor as fuck you liar" are you?

Which is true. Apple products are extremely expensive and frankly, not worth it. No matter how hard I try, the best obejective argument I can come up with that applies to anyone is "The Macbook Pro has a nice screen". Because the product simply isn't worth it. The hardware is absolute poop for the price. So why did I buy one?

Well it's quite simple really. I wanted to give macOS a real try, It's something I've always wanted to do. A Unix-like operating system that Just works™ and is also specially made to always work well on the hardware it ships with? Sign me the fuck up.

In all seriousness, this was quite the gamble. I had to pull a sweet penny out of my savings to get even this lowest end MacBook Pro. I could've saved about 15% if I went for a MacBook Air, but in the end I decided to pay a little extra and get the Pro. The retina display and extra ports are more than worth it if you ask me. Also the CPU is clocked a bit higher, along with slightly less laughable cooling so it actually turbo boosts better too.

Where did the money come from? Well, I'm in debt. To myself that is. The reason I can afford all this expensive stuff is due to a fancy savings account rule I have, my own 20% interest deal. If I take $1000 out of the savings, I won't use any more until I've paid back $1200. This savings rule is how I manage to buy lots of expensive stuff. Heck if I spent my entire paycheck this month (before taxes and rent even) I wouldn't be able to afford it. So that's how I handle that. It's worked quite well through the years to gather up my tech paradise.

The positives

I've had this Macbook Pro for about a week now and quite frankly I like it. Well, macOS at least. People aren't kidding when they say that it "Just works" - One week and no issues. And I mean none. Not even a gripe. Zero app crash, zero install issues, zero updates that broke stuff, zero issues while working in the terminal. I am frankly amazed.

With that said, macOS is quite dumb in some ways and intelligent in others. Such as how they modified Cut/Paste for some reason. Instead of cmd+x to cut and cmd+v to paste like you'd expect, they changed the keybinds. You do a regular cmd+c to copy, but then you can either do cmd+v to paste the file, or cmd+alt+v to move it. I'm not quite sure if I like it or hate it yet, but it's been a pain to get used to. I still try to cmd+x everything.

I do however love the Unix-like nature of the system. While the system is nice and user friendly on the outside, open a terminal and it's pretty much something similar to BSD or Linux. Though I had heard they were GNU-free, they seem to include nano by default. Therefore I don't know how true that really is. Not that it matters.

Regardless of that, I do love how openssh and whatnot are here by default. This made it very easy to just hop right onto a Linux server, like you'd expect from a Unix-like OS. I also adore the writing capabilities of this machine. It has a nice keyboard that I got used to really quickly. By the end of day 1, my typing speed was as close to my mechanical keyboard as I think it'll ever get. Though the different keyboard layout does take some getting used to when looking for special characters.

Also the retina display man. I can't praise this enough. It is totally amazing. Colors are nice, albeit a bit more pronounced than what I'd consider natural. And the resolution is insane. Reading text and watching movies is a pleasure. I mean look at this high-res screenshot:

Writing on this machine is simply amazing.

The negatives

My wallet, jesus.

This MacBook was 1400€. And that's for the cheapest 128 GB model. It's not just the storage, none of the other specs are really worthy of being called anything better than "modest"

The value on these things is nothing short of comically bad. In addition, they have worse software support than Windows. Well, except for within media creation maybe. I will however give them props for the storage speed, it pumps over 1 GB/s no problem on reads and about 600 MB/s on writes.

Some will pull the argument that Macs are just really optimized, but that doesn't change much. There's a limit to how much optimization you can do. This laptop is not fast. It's fine when browsing the web or watching a movie. But if you open a lot of those virtual desktop things and swipe between them somewhat quickly, the machine will drop frames during the animations like a madman. Heck, I was able to cap the CPU at 100% by simply running a massive SFTP transfer.

My greatest gripe about buying this laptop is definitely how my inner voice goes "Retard, retard, retard." because I have no way to justify the cost of this laptop. I can justify it costing more than your average i5 laptop thanks to the metal build and fantastic screen, but really, it's still hundreds of Euros too much. Deep inside I hate myself for spending so much money on a laptop with a puny Ultrabook i5, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. Thankfully I store about 95% of all my data on servers so I can live with the SSD.

Do I like it?

Yes. I do like it. I don't like the price tag however.

It's still hard for me to recommend a Macbook for anyone. Unless you happen to be a music producer, video editor, developer, writer, photographer and movie lover all at once that for some reason never plays a game. In which case, go ahead. But that's most likely less than 0.01% of the population. It's hopeless.

That said, it's not a bad laptop. It's well designed and has a great Unix-like OS if you work with Linux often. The screen also makes for a fantastic experience in day-to-day tasks.

But unless your needs are very specific, don't pay for this laptop please. It turned out to serve me well, since I've always been conflicted between Windows for video editing and Linux for programming/servers. But that probably doesn't apply to you, the reader.

Unless you're not the one paying for the laptop, then go ahead. It's a fine machine. The price tag just needs work. Also maybe install an application to make the fan turn on earlier so that it's not a computing supernova.