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Capped connections

I hit my 200 GB internet cap again. So once again I'm stuck at snail speeds.

Some might know that I have somewhat of a weird internet setup. I run my entire home off LTE, since it's my only option unless I want to live with like 0,5 mbit/s all the time.

Unfortunately, LTE connections come with a cap. In my case, that cap happens to be 200 GB. Which is the amount of data I get for my ridiculous monthly bill that's over 90€ - So uh. What happens when I hit that cap? I can pay, optionally. Otherwise my connection is capped to 64 Kb/s.

Well, that doesn't sound too horrible. And it really doesn't, it sounds kinda reasonable. The only issue being that 64 Kb/s is max. It's not the speeds I get. In reality, it's probably the slowest you've ever seen.

I know people are going to ask for a speedtest result, so let me just get this out of the way. It's so slow that it can't hit 0.01 mbit/s:


The test still completes though. But it gives me a result of 0.00/0.00 and a ping somewhere between 40 and 60.

This is the pain I'm living with. It's the best internet access I've got and for a sysadmin and developer it's quite frankly amazing how slow this is. But I was curious. Just how slow is this in real world tests? So I tried a couple of things, and I thought I'd share them here just for fun:

  • Loading arstechnica.com: 4 minutes 10 seconds
  • Uploading the 43 KiB speedtest screenshot: 46 seconds
  • Tweeting a 5 word long tweet: 9 seconds
  • Can I stream 240p YouTube videos? About 40 second buffer time per 5 seconds of video

Life is great at times, isn't it? Such is the life I lead as a sysadmin and developer.

So far I've considered setting up a local squid3 proxy on my Raspberry Pi to cache things, seeing if that'd help.

At least blog posts are just simple markdown. Expect the post image for this post to arrive sometime later when my connection is no longer potato