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Backup recoveries

Some among you might have noticed that this blog was down for what, 3 months or something? Every sysadmin's best friend paid a visit, Mr. "Server crash"

One of my servers, known by the friendly name "Saber" broke some while ago. After a sudo apt upgrade and reboot it simply never came online again. It took me a while before I finally realized. But apt somehow fucked up a kernel update. Or rather not the kernel itself, but the grub config afterwards.

Luckily this is an easy thing to recover from. Pop in some Live CD or recovery ISO and set up grub again. But I never bothered to.

Fresh start

Instead of recovering from the backup. I simply reinstalled the server. It was a nice chance for a fresh start. I had backups of everything anyways, or if needed I could even just mount the replica image of the server's SSD that I took before reinstalling and fetch stuff from there.

I decided to do a fresh start. Unfortunately I am a lazy man. And as lazy men do, they procrastinate. I fired up QuadFile, copied the database and files over, then that guy was working. After that I just left the backup files to rot on Backblaze B2.

Fast forward until now and I decided to just kill the server and move stuff over to one of my personal servers, Milla. Which unlike most of my other servers, is located in my glorious home country known as Norway. Sandefjord, Norway in Terrahost's datacenter to be specific.

At the moment saber is pretty much dead and only runs a couple leftover scripts and bots.

With that out of the way. Congratulations, you loaded this site from Norway. A quite uncommon place to host international sites (Mainly due to the overkill cost, jesus)